Monday, 24 October 2011

My 50th game of the year and my first loss.

Yep you heard me right, I have been playing space wolves all year and my results are as follows -
42 wins, 7 draws and 1 loss!

Now I haven't been taking the same list all the time but my lists usually revolve around 3 squads of grey hunters in rhinos with a Long fang squad, whirlwind and rune priest as support. Sprinkle in extras as I like.

The best bit about my recent games is that they have been at various points levels which has really meant that I have had to learn the space wolves codex from cover to cover so I know all the tips and tricks available. Great for me... Not so great for the guys at club. Also as anyone who has played me will know, I tend to shy away from cheese lists, even at most tournaments as they are boring to play with and against. I think my win to loss ratio  clearly shows that you don't have to spam stuff to get a good list. And before anyone says that my opponents must be rubbish, well they aren't all competitive  gamers, but most take playing me pretty seriously.