Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The new Sisters of Battle and how they roll

Well I meant to do this last week but events have gotten crazy of late. I have recently been trying out the new SoB mini WD codex and to be honest it hasn't helped SoB players at all. In fact I would  argue it has weakened the overall list considerably. Now this isn't going to be a complete White Dwarf bashing article because I have actually WON 4 games out of 5 with them so far! Admittedly 3 of the games were against fun lists but the other 2 were against cheesed up IG and luckily I still managed a win once!

Now at this point I am going to shock you all and say that the best unit in the new codex are Repentia. Why? Lots of attacks, feel no pain, one of the better acts of faith, cheaper, and frankly there isn't much else worthwhile in the elites slot. More importantly this unit provides a fast and hard hitting counter assault that is as much at home killing vehicles, infantry, or anything for that matter. Forget the silly Battle Conclaves and just take these ladies, or better yet why not take a unit of both and actually win combats once in a while.

Ok so they have rage... Well stick them in a Rhino from a Battle Sisters squad you plan on camping on an objective, or nick the one you gave to your Retributors.

I find them great at about 8 or 9 with a priest if you want, mounted in a borrowed Rhino. Give them a go and you might be surprised by just how much they can accomplish compared to their old selves. I have used them to guard my shooty units of Retributors and Exorcists, and as front line troops following my Immolator mounted units of Dominions up the board.

I will do an overall tactica for the new Sisters of Battle list when I get time so watch this space in future.