Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Well some of you may find this interesting, I know I do. It looks like Rick Priestley has a new project in the works, which could actually prove rather enjoyable. By the sounds of things the team are taking a whole new approach to community gaming, which I have to say, sounds like a breath of fresh air.

If like me, you were sorely disappointed with 40k 6th edition, then this might be a bit more up your street. It has only just begun as a Kickstarter project, and requires a lot of capital to get it off the ground, but the ideas are sound and rewards look promising.

Why not check it out here http://www.darkspacecorp.com/ and if you like what you see pledge some cash. It's that or waste some more money on GW's latest pile of junk (look at the Dark Angels land speeder to see what I mean)... I know which I would rather choose. By the looks of things so do many other people as the Kickstarter amount is already flying off to a great start.

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