Thursday, 12 June 2014

Beaten but not broken - the Sons of Horus

Well it's been a long time since I posted anything on here. Honestly I had kind of forgotten all about the blog.

So what have I been doing? Well work mostly. Luckily work's not the only think that's taking up time! I've also been converting and painting a new Sons of Horus army.

This blog will hopefully document the weekly progress as I slowly build 1500 points of playable chaos marines.

So why 40k? Why not 30k? Well some of the members of my local club aren't likely to let me play the 30k marine list. Also if I fancy popping along to tournaments having standards CSM makes it easier to find events. I do plan to use the Black Legion supplement for my list so expect to see lots of chosen. I suppose I better mention here that if you expect to see a pure FW army then you may be upset. I have a huge collection of old marine and chaos bits that I really want to get used up with this project. However, there will be FW parts being used in many of my units. I'm also lucky enough to have a collection of old 3rd edition tanks that will finally see some paint. The company I am building will be a rag tag group with an assortment of weapons and armour made up from the full spectrum of GW kits. The warband are meant to be fleeing just after the defeat at Terra so I'm planning on battle damage and mixed marks of armour. I'm also going to refrain from anything overtly mutated or too chaos as I just don't like it and don't think it fits the theme. To get things started I wish to show you the green I have settled upon for armour.  It's not too bright and gaudy.

Here is my Sons of Horus sorcerer or librarian.

The green is painted like this -

1) PP cryx bane base over black undercoat.
2) badab black wash.
3) devlan mud wash.
4) layer on cryx bane base.
5) 50/50 mix of snot green and cryx bane base.
6) 60/40 mix of snot green and cryx bane base.
7) thrakka green wash.
8) selected highlights with 70/30 snot green and cryx bane base. It was my first time working with Privateer Press paint and so far I'm pretty impressed with it.

Since then I've started on the skin and basecoating the scroll work, skulls and cloak. I also tried a bit of weathering while I was waiting for the washes to dry.

This is what I'm aiming to complete for my army. It's chosen using the Black Legion supplement.

1 sorcerer, lv2, terminator armour, psychic familiar, force staff, votlw, biomancy.

3 terminators, 3 combi plasma, 2 power axes, 1 lightning claw, votlw.

14 marines, 2 plasma guns, votlw.
8 chosen, 3 meltaguns, 1 flamer, votlw, rhino.
8 chosen, 3 meltaguns, 1 flamer, votlw, rhino.

Fast Attack
7 raptors, 2 meltaguns, votlw, mark of khorne, power sword and melta bombs.

Heavy Support 
1 predator, autocannon, lascannon sponsons.
5 havocs, 2 autocannons.
1 vindicator, havoc launcher, dozer blade.

Total = 1500 points.

Stay tuned for more soon.

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